HHS Memorandum Clear As A Bell


Another notice we received today from our many sources in our attempt to keep up with ObamaCare and the continuous changes that come every day. Easy reading – enjoy!:

  “On page 65095, in the Federal Register of October 30, 2013, we added subpart M ‘Oversight and Program Integrity Standards for State Exchanges’ to the regulations text at 45 CFR part 155. While it was clear from the preamble and regulations text that subpart M applies to all Exchanges, including small business health options program (SHOP) Exchanges, due to an oversight we inadvertently omitted cross-referencing new subpart M at section 155.705(a) of the regulations in part 155, subpart H-Exchange Functions: Small Business Health Options Program. Accordingly, we are revising section 155.705(a) so that the regulations in part 155 consistently reflect our policy that all Exchanges, including SHOP Exchanges, must carry out the required functions of an Exchange that are set forth at subpart M.”                         (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

Text of HHS Correction to Amendments to the Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2014

Editor’s Note: Here is a translation in layman’s terms:

“在65095页,10月30日2013年联邦登记册中,我们添加子部分M’监督和国家交易程序完整标准”于45 CFR第155规定的文字,虽然它是从序言明确的法规文本分部工程M适用于所有交易,包括小企业健康选项程序(SHOP)交易,由于疏忽,我们不经意间忽略在第(一)部分155,子部分H-交换函数的法规部分155.705交叉引用新的子部分M:小型企业健康选项程序,因此,我们在修订第155.705(一),以便在部分155的规定一致反映我们的所有交易,包括店铺交易,必须进行该项载于子部分的交易所需要的功能政策M。“(健康与人类服务部美国)