Here’s Your Menu, May I Get Your Drink Orders First?

“Knee replacement? That’s $18,000, tip included. You will find it under “House Specialties” here” said the waitress. “OK Great! I’ll take two of those” says the customer. “And hook me up with a slow drip Miller Lite.”

“I’ll take the bursectomy” says his wife as she elbows her husband with a playful grin. “Does it come with an after dinner sling or is that extra? And I’ll take an Epidural Martini, shaken not stirred.

NW Surgery is proud to be Houston’s leading outpatient surgical facility. We are also one of the longest-standing, independent, physician-owned surgery centers in Houston.

Our new, state-of-the art facility, along with our experienced team of expert surgeons ensures that all procedures at NW Surgery deliver the highest quality in patient care.

NW Surgery was founded in 1999 by a physician, and continues to be operated by physicians today. As such, the primary focus of our practice has always been to deliver exceptional personal medical care to every one of our patients. We are licensed by the State of Texas and Medicare.

Our menu can be seen here – Direct Pay – Prices – NW Surgery