Health Care Watch Dog Continues Search For Truth

belk David Belk

Hello Again Everyone! You might remember that, last Summer, I wrote a blog that questioned United Health’s claim that they lost hundreds of millions of dollars on the ACA exchanges last year. In short, I used their own financial statements to show that their profits, revenues and madical loss ratios didn’t square with their claims very well.

United Health Group’s third quarter finances were released last month and I couldn’t help noticing that their profits and revenues continue to climb in spite of the fact that they’ve expanded their ACA (Obamacare) coverage this year. How is that possible? How can United Health have such glowing financial reports each quarter while, at the same time, be losing so much money on the ACA?

I went a little deeper into their finances to try to come up with an explanation. In this blog, I discuss the loss ratios of United Health’s individual policy types to further illustrate how well their claims match their actual financial statements.

If numbers frighten you, I’m sorry. This blog contains a lot of financial details, but I did my best to walk you through them in a way I think most people can understand (I hope).

Dave Belk MD