Health Care Maverick Hits The Airwaves

Hello again everyone. I’m writing you all once again, but this time to share two radio appearances I made last weekend.

Last Saturday I was interviewed by Michael Finney for Consumer Talk on KGO radio here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Michael Finney is an award winning consumer advocate with a weekly radio show who has interviewed me more times than I can remember over the the last five years. This time we were talking about my recent update on U.S. hospital finances. Mine is the second interview on the list:

You can also find on that list that I appearedĀ  on his June 30 show as well if you scroll down a bit.

The second appearance I made was an interview I gave last Friday for Dave Ross, who anchors the Seattle Morning News (KIRO radio). This was the third time I’ve spoken with Dave Ross about my work and this time the subject was medication prices. My appearance comes at 25 min 30 sec:

I probably should have been sharing my media interviews with all of you all along (there have been quite a few in the past 6 years). They have been extremely helpful in getting my message out to a wider audience than I could ever reach by myself. This is even more important to me now that Huffington Post no longer publishes guest blogs.

After all, without a voice, nothing I uncover will matter.

David Belk MD

Internal Medicine