This Is What Happens When Gov’t Interferes With Health Care Delivery

Ron Barshop on Linkedin

State of Texas HHS has a wall with a chart 3-4x more complex than this. It was impossible plumbing to comprehend. I asked 20 years ago of a state health care leader there “does anyone here understand all this ?” He smiled in that big Texas way and just looked down chuckling. ACA btw has likely added way more boxes, triangles, ovals and pipes.

Notice neither consumers nor providers are at the center of all this. We are afterthoughts. Employers aren’t even considered players.
This is Big-Gov centricity at its worst.

This is the penultimate friction chart. It’s the root of why sidestepping all this is doing so well in a direct care model. Employers, docs, consumers are flocking to it in hockey stick growth. If direct replaced Medicare/Medicaid/Tricare/VA Health costs would halve, outcomes soar. More government is never the answer. Direct Care is the cure for complexity, friction and frightening amused confusion at the top.