Health Care Cash Pricing

The largest health care system in Oklahoma publishes transparent cash pricing……

At INTEGRIS Health we recognize that the current trend in health care is placing more responsibility on patients. Recognizing that some patients do not have insurance or may have a high deductible plan, INTEGRIS has created a special price package of the most common tests and procedures to make your health care more affordable and to give you options.

Please click on your hospital link below to view our special cash pay price. The reduced cash pay prices are available to patients able to pay in full who either do not have health insurance or have opted to not bill their insurance company. Please call the INTEGRIS Consumer Priceline at 405-713-4500 or toll free at 877-313-4500 for more information or to check to see if the cash pay price is available.

In selecting the INTEGRIS Cash Pay price, you understand INTEGRIS will not file an insurance claim for this test or procedure and must be paid in full at time of scheduling.

Cash Pay Prices Per Facility

Editor’s Note: Cash Health Plans, in conjunction with reference based pricing models and direct contracting can reduce medical spend by 70% and more


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