He Broke The Company Record By Selling 271 Policies In One Week

Taking a job as a door-to-door salesman for Combined Insurance the slick-talking salesman was a natural. He broke a company record by selling 271 policies in one week. Unfortunately, most of those were nullified when it was found he sold the bulk of them to patients at a nearby psychiatric hospital.

This reminds me of Bill Ebaugh, a salesman extraordinaire in his time. He rose to riches selling group health insurance in Southern California and Nevada back in the day. At his funeral his best friend and partner related a story about Bill’s salesmanship and innovative sales strategies. Seems he wrote a “Ranch” somewhere in Nevada. The underwriters were perplexed because the “Cowgirls” job descriptions were quite unusual for typical ranch work.

SOURCE: Wyoming News Source (cowboystatedaily.com)