H.H.C. Group Provides Professional Claims Negotiation

Professional claim negotiators can often resolve balance billing issues in five days or less………..

When providers bill more than an appropriate amount for their services, surprise or not, you need a trusted partner to negotiate a reduction in the bill on your behalf. For over 26 years, self-insured payers across the country have trusted H.H.C. Group to help them control their healthcare spend by convincing providers to accept a reasonable amount for their services.

Our financial case managers identify and contact the provider decision-maker. Then they use the information in our proprietary database, published sources, and their many years of experience to secure a signed agreement for an appropriate amount. Importantly, because of our consultative approach, we are able to secure agreements from the same providers time and time again, not only on their out-of-network claims but many times, also on high dollar in-network claims, too. H.H.C Group works to provide:

  • Proven Consultative Solutions that Work
  • 100% Signed Agreements
  • No Patient Balance Bills
  • Quick Turnaround Times – Five Days or Less

To learn more about our cost-saving services including those for Surprise Bills, call 301-960-7092, or schedule a meeting today.

Bruce D. Roffe

President and CEO


H.H.C. Group