Google Starts Stop Loss Insurance Company

By Eric Bricker

Google Announced It is Creating a New Healthcare Stop-Loss Company Called Coefficient. Coefficient Will be a Part of the Verily Healthcare Subsidiary Within Google.

Coefficient Will Also Be in Partnership and Partly Owned by the Giant, International Reinsurance Company Swiss Re.

To Be a Successful New Entrant in the Employer-Sponsored Reinsurance Market, Coefficient Will Need a 10X Value Proposition in One or All of the Three Main Areas of an Insurance Policy:

1) Premium – Will Coefficient Offer Lower Premiums for Specific Stop-Loss?

2) Payout – Will Coefficient Have Lower Specific Stop-Loss Deductibles?

3) (Fine) Print – Will Coefficient NOT Laser Certain Plan Members That Their Competition Would Laser Out? Coefficient’s Hypothesis is that it can achieve this superior value proposition through better underwriting and better member interventions that lower healthcare costs.

Ultimately, the $20 Billion Employer-Sponsored Health Plan Reinsurance Market is Too Small for Google and their $160+ Billion Per Year in Revenue. Perhaps Stop-Loss is only the first step in entering the commercial health insurance market.

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