Get Your Healthcare Before It’s Too Late

If you’re currently without healthcare for next year or are in search of a new program heading into 2019, you need to know that the deadline to purchase health insurance through the government Exchange is December 15.

Get Your Healthcare Before It’s Too Late

5 Dec 2018 Breibart News

The following article is sponsored by Liberty HealthShare.

If you’re currently without healthcare for next year or are in search of a new program heading into 2019, you need to know that the deadline to purchase health insurance through the government Exchange is December 15. Consumers who do not meet this deadline may not have access to a plan that starts in January 2019, leaving you without any protection against medical costs for at least the first month of the new year, and possibly the entire year if you don’t qualify for a special enrollment period or Medicaid.

What You Need To Know

Thanks to efforts by Republicans to roll back key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, Americans will no longer face a fine if they don’t have healthcare. The Trump administration has also loosened requirements for short-term healthcare plans, hoping to create a cheaper or temporary solution. However, these plans can be quite risky if you get sick or injured as they are less comprehensive than Exchange plans and also generally don’t provide protections for preexisting conditions, maternity care, or prescription drugs.

It’s also important to note that if you’re already enrolled in an Exchange plan and don’t take any steps to drop or change the plan you’re enrolled in, you will likely be automatically re-enrolled in the same plan for 2019. Even if you’ve been happy in the past with the plan you have, it’s important to review any potential changes that may be coming to your plan, such as changes in monthly cost, out-of-pocket amount, or approved doctors and hospitals. These changes could be significant in some cases and may lead some people to seek other options to get the high-quality and affordable healthcare they need for themselves or their family.

While the average monthly cost of Exchange plans is expected to remain largely unchanged from 2018 levels, the average “benchmark” plan for a 27-year-old nonsmoker will still cost over $400 per month, which is largely out of reach for a majority of 27-year-olds left to purchase their own healthcare. It’s also important to know what percentage of medical costs your plan will pay in the coming year. Most of the plans listed on the Exchange pay between 60 and 80 percent of medical expenses, depending on which level you purchase. The combination of monthly prices over $400 per month, high out-of-pocket expenses, and being responsible for a percentage of expenses incurred is leading many Americans to search for a more affordable way to pay for their healthcare costs.

Can’t Afford An Exchange Plan?

If you’re looking for a way to get more value for the money you spend on healthcare, there’s a solution out there that may be right for you. Thanks to an exemption written into the Affordable Care Act, healthcare sharing members are not subject to the same regulations as those who utilize plans listed on the Exchange. This allows these organizations to offer membership into their healthcare programs at significantly lower prices.

As an example of the type of savings that healthcare sharing organizations are able to offer their members, look no further than Liberty HealthShare. As one of the largest healthcare sharing organizations, Liberty HealthShare offers membership for as low as $199 per month with an annual unshared cost to members of only $1000. Furthermore, with the two most comprehensive programs offered by Liberty HealthShare, all eligible medical expenses are paid, eliminating members’ need to pay a percentage of each medical expense.

Healthcare sharing is an effective solution for those who purchase healthcare for themselves or their family, or who want to control their own healthcare. With the ability to join or leave the program at any time, as well as the ability to switch between programs at any time, Liberty HealthShare offers important flexibility to the consumer. Some people have been utilizing healthcare sharing for years because they enjoy the affordability and comprehensive protection against medical expenses, while others utilize healthcare sharing as a temporary solution until they can get healthcare paid for by their employer or get onto a spouse’s healthcare, while others

Don’t Delay, Act Now

With only about two weeks remaining before the December 15 deadline in most states, there’s no time to waste if you’re searching for healthcare heading into next year. While plans listed on the Exchange may be too expensive for many people, healthcare sharing offers consumers an affordable way to pay for their medical expenses. If you need healthcare now and don’t want to break the bank to get it, a healthcare sharing organization such as Liberty HealthShare may be the right choice for you. Check out Liberty HealthShare, and don’t get stuck without healthcare heading into the new year.