Free Cell Phone For Medicaid Recipients

Are you currently on Medicaid?  If so, then you may be eligible for free cell phones for Medicaid recipients.  These free cell phones, like the Medicaid program, are meant for low income families and individuals who are unable to afford a cell phone.  Cell phones may not seem like something people would need.  However, almost everyone use a cell phone now.  The benefits of having a cell phone are also considerable.  The most obvious would be when there is an emergency.  Anytime you are in a situation where there is nobody around and you don’t have access to a landline phone, you can use your cell phone to call for help. 

Like with the Medicaid program, you have to get approved in order to get free cell phones for Medicaid recipients.  Your income is used to assess whether or not you get a free phone.  But since you are already receiving Medicaid, then you should have no problems signing up for the free cell phone program.  To sign up you need to go Safelink Wireless, which is the cell phone service provider.  Check with them whether your state offers free cell phones for people on Medicaid.  Currently, not all states do so.  Then you need to submit the application along with information on your income like your W2 or pay stub.  You can also submit documentation showing you are on Medicaid.

Another thing you should be aware of for free cell phones for people on Medicaid is that it’s not unlimited use for free.  You only get about one hour of free minutes each month.  That’s why it is very important you conserve your minutes for times of real need.  You won’t have enough to chat with your friends all the time.  Another thing is that you are only allowed one free cell phone per household.  So won’t be able to give every one of your family members a free phone.  At the end of your yearly contract, you have to resign and resubmit information showing that you can qualify for free cell phones.  If you don’t, then you can’t use the phones for free anymore.  However, you can keep the cell phone and aren’t obligated to return it.

Editor’s Note: Free government issue Colt 45’s may be next.