Former Harlingen Car Salesman Turned Insurance Industry Legend

He entered the insurance industry in 1964 when he was lured away from selling cars in Harlingen, TX……

In 1972, Ron Kilpatrick Sr founded Kilpatrick Companies  (then Ron Kilpatrick Insurance Brokerage), creating one of the first national general agency distribution systems that markets group benefits products to a network of independent insurance brokers.

In the company’s first five years, Ron developed and held exclusive marketing rights to one of the first and largest Multiple Employer Trust (MET) programs in the country. METs were the precursor to what has become the regulated small group market.

Ron is a wise, practical leader that has a talent for developing simple solutions to complicated problems.

Ron prepared proposals using a calculator and ink pen in the evenings, and helped agents deliver the proposals and make sales during the day. Since those days, the agency has evolved to the most technologically advanced General Agency in the market. He established a legacy of integrity that focuses on cultivating deep, permanent and reciprocating relationships. Ron is semi-retired but remains active on a consulting basis.

Before starting the company, Ron was a regional group manager at Pan American running the largest claim office in the country. He entered the insurance industry in 1964 when he was lured away from selling cars in Harlingen, TX. Ron attended Texas A&I in Kingsville and served in the US Air Force. Ron lives between Sugar Land, TX and Costa Rica.

Kilpatrick Companies Today

In 2003 and 2004, the second generation of the Kilpatrick family officially started working in the agency and changed everything.

Ronnie and Scott Kilpatrick have brought a tremendous amount of energy and unique talents to the company. Seminars and educational classes became routine.

A training room was added to the Kilpatrick building. An IT department was created and a second office was opened. Every process and procedure that could be automated has been. Quoting became an electronic process and developed into a separate program, titled Batch, used daily by the Kilpatrick staff, a number of General Agencies as well as retail agents across the Nation.

The changes are so numerous, they are impossible to list. But, one area that has not changed is the long tenure of incredibly smart and dedicated professionals that make up the Kilpatrick staff. The staff has welcomed every innovative change. We have become a more efficient company. We use social media to communicate within our industry. We participate in virtual organizations and have many efficient tools for tracking industry changes.

In 2012, the agency was bought by a partnership between Ronnie Kilpatrick and Scott Kilpatrick and renamed Kilpatrick Companies, LLC. Since the purchase, the company has grown substantially under their leadership.