Foreign Rx Importation – Rocky Opines

There are divergent opinions on whether or not foreign drug importation is legal. Pragmatically, you can do it and no one is going to stop you.

The boogy man here is the scare that the government and the pharmaceutical industry has instilled in the public by stating that you never know the quality of the medications that you are receiving when you order from foreign sources. Sometimes that is true, however not always.

Keep in mind that 65% of all generics sold in this country by the likes of WalMart and other large chain stores are imported from India, and more specifically from the 3rd largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world, CIPLA. The quality is not in question.

The public acceptance of foreign sourced medications has been slow. Employers are not really interested. The savings are substantial however and this advertisement ( does not even come close to the savings realized when ordered through our firm and a few others. The Viagra that we sell (from the manufacturer) is priced at $125 for 50 tabs…much less than the 12 tabs for $144.

Notice that this advertiser has made no mention of the need for a prescription in order to place an order. Our program, however, does. Keep in mind that we are a Nevada licensed pharmacy and we are required to abide by all State and federal statutes. A program that requires no Rx seem to us a bit shady, no?

If you are considering offering a Canadian pharmaceutical option to your clients, may I suggest using only a US licensed store such as ours? As mentioned, we are licensed, have physicians on staff, and purchase all of our medications from CIPLA and other first rate sources only.

Please review our web site at . It would be a safe and secure option for any of your clients and would certainly save them substantial medical dollars

Rocky McCumber,  Reno, Nevada, USA

Editor’s Note: See previous posting We know Rocky McCumber and like his business model.