Flash Gordon Inspires Molly Mulebriar

Molly Mulebriar, ace forensic investigator and former Rhodes Scholar reports that Flash Gordon is back! Working incognito, disguised as an insurance consultant, Gordon scored big in bringing a Texas county’s self-funded medical plan back on course. (See – http://blog.riskmanagers.us/?p=9313)

Seeking to stem a $1.2 million annual hemmorage without reducing or eliminating benefits, Flash Gordon did the impossible………through innovative strategies and high testosterone levels shared jointly with Commissioners Court, Flash improved benefits, kept funding static (we assume)  while projecting a savings to the county in the coming plan year.

The local newspaper reported:

“The (county) judge was very, very clear… He would like not to cut benefits; he would like that the hospitals, the doctors, and county commissioners get along,” Gordon told the court regarding this year’s quest to find the best proposals. Gordon said although a lofty goal, he is pleased to announce that they were able to accomplish that.

Mulebriar writes: “As a head fake, Gordon added completly useless  aggregate insurance coverage as well as a fully-insured, potentially commissionable  transplant policy.  Dr. No, local naysayer, applauds this diversionary tactic.”

According to Mulebriar, moving away from managed care contracts was Gordon’s only sensible strategy (other than recommending the county terminate their group medical plan). “Direct contracting with the local hospital was brilliant” Mulebriar panted in excitement as she filed her report. “In addition, paying other facilities on a cost plus basis  (see www.costplusinsurance.com ) will certainly lower the county’s cost” she explained to our incredulous staff during Friday afternoon’s Martini Brunch. “Just look at what the Corpus Christi Independent School District was projected to save had they done the same thing! Lack of testosterone killed that deal it seems.”

Embarking on our third round of martinis, and on a roll, Mulebriar offered “One would hope, we suppose, that plan participants will seek care at the cost-plus hospitals instead of the locally contracted hospital to keep the county’s cost as low as possible for the coming year.”

Editor’s Note: Molly Mulebriar is currently investigating a recent public bid for group medical insurance that may expose bid law violations and tortous interference, slander, boycott and unfair trade practices. www.mollymulebriar.org