First Primary Care Develops DPC Integrated Health Plans

By Chris Barakat

We at First Primary Care have been doing some never seen before things to help our broker/advisor partners achieve their mission to help deliver health benefits to their clients.

Here are a few of them

1. We have developed our own health plans with DPC integrated. So we have made DPC easier for brokers and advisors to sell. These plans eliminate deductibles, coinsurance and most copays (while getting amazing stop loss discounts)

2. We have been helping to run open enrollment meetings with our broker/advisor partners for our new clients this week. These Open Enrollment meetings have mostly been completed in Vietnamese and Spanish by Vietnamese and Spanish speaking physicians. Imagine having specific language speaking physicians turn up to Open Enrollment to help non-English speaking employees understand their benefits and how to access care for free and ask doctors specific questions about their health needs at Open Enrollment.

3. We have built our own RX program called Magic Pill for brokers/advisors to provide to members where they get most of their prescriptions at no cost, home delivered and free pickup for urgent care prescriptions- while also assisting with sourcing high cost drugs from Canadian pharmacies at 60% less than their PBM prices in the US.

4. We turn up to meet employers with the advisor/broker. We eat humble pie and learn lessons from each meeting and provide new materials with learnings and better ways to position our solutions so employers and employees understand our premium offering that typically comes in lower than their bronze BCBS renewal

5. We can quote groups under 100 employee lives in 5 minutes with a census file, effective date, company name, address and SIC code. Yep- No BS, we are leveraging technology and AI to streamline quoting

6. We are opening new clinics in markets where we have 200 paid employee lives. We are not only helping employees across America access free care, we are taking doctors away from the sick care, fee-for-service system and placing them in jobs that satisfy their purpose of going to medical school.

We have about 5 new approaches we are taking in to next year from our learnings so far this year.

We love entrepreneurship, we love our partners, we love scaling solutions that help people and we sincerely appreciate our clients who trust us to deliver better healthcare, wellcare and care navigation for their employees.