Final Regs – Exemptions from Contraceptive Coverage Mandates

Government continues to interfere in citizen’s sex lives……………………..

“The main changes over the previous interim final rules [include]: … [1] Allow insurers to rely, in good faith, on a representation made by an objecting entity that they qualify to use the accommodation process; … [2] Clarify that the exemption applies only to the items that an entity objects to (such that an entity that objects to some contraceptives must still cover those it does not object to); [3] Clarify that a group health plan and insurer can offer a separate policy without contraceptives even if an individual only objects to some (but not all) coverage of contraceptives; and [4] Confirm that group health plans must still comply with the contraceptive requirement even when their insurer objects to providing this coverage.”

Final Regs Clarify Religious and Moral Exemptions from Contraceptive Coverage Mandates

Katie Keith, in Health Affairs