FFS Primary Care – A Referral Machine To Price Gouging Overlords?

“I don’t think what we call “primary care” in the Fee For Service model can even be called *primary* when it’s tough to get into and is designed as a referral machine to price-gouging overlords.” – Dave Chase

“Primary care appointments are often less than 10 minutes, there are long waits to get an appointment, mediocre outcomes, severe abuse of primary care docs has been leading to burnout and docs regularly spend two hours on insurance bureaucracy for every hour of patient time. These are hardly things to defend.

In contrast, in a well-functioning primary care model, over 90% of the issues people enter the healthcare system for can be fully addressed in a proper primary care setting. That’s relatively rare in the U.S. but common outside the U.S. when there’s functioning primary care.” – Dave Chase

“I weighed in on the so-called primary care shortage being due to a lack of imagination. If you want my 2 cents go here:” Primary-Care-Shortage – Dave Chase