FBS & Higginbotham Join Forces To Capture Texas School Business

Financial Benefit Services and Higginbotham Combine – Employee Benefits Firm in Richardson, Texas, Joins the State’s Largest Independent Insurance Firm

With insurance brokers positioning to capture as much Texas school business as possible in anticipation of TRS ActiveCare member districts electing to exit the program next year, the FBS and Higginbotham partnership will be a powerful alliance that will be hard to beat.

Higginbotham Chairman and CEO Rusty Reid said, “FBS is the leading benefits broker for public schools in Texas, opening the opportunity for Higginbotham to serve the commercial insurance needs of nearly half of the state’s public school market. Our partnership will enhance the relationships FBS has with its clients by adding the value that comes with a broker that can do it all.”

We know some of the folks at Higginbotham. They are some of the brightest and leading edge brokers in Texas. Tommy Taylor is one that comes quickly to mind – a formidable competitor whose knowledge of cutting edge strategies in health care finance are above the norm.

FBS can now offer Texas school districts a turnkey risk management solution for all insurance needs a district requires including property & casualty, employee benefits and HR administration.

Texas school districts can expect a FBS – Higgenbotham blitzkreig in 2022. First Financial and others competing in that space should beware and be prepared.

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