FairCo$t Health Plan

The FairCo$t Health Plan is an innovative plan design seamlessly integrated with a High-Performance Healthcare Solutions platform that provides best-in-class benefits at substantially lower costs while improving clinical and financial outcomes for health plans and their members.

Deconstructing a health plan, and then rebuilding it component by component, requires access to the right FairCo$t partners with the right solutions, as well as access to the right technology platforms and resources to implement these recipes.  Components are like bricks used in building a home for building high-performing health benefits plans.

Each FairCo$t component or subcomponent must accomplish the goals of:

  1. Lowering the cost of care
  2. Improving the quality of care
  3. Enhancing the patient experience
  4. Bettering the clinician or caregiver experience.

This lens ensures that it only includes best practices, tactics, standards, and vendors that will ensure a FairCo$t principles-based plan accomplishes what the plan’s members and employers (or whoever is paying for care) value.  Mitigate Partners in partnership with Health Rosetta helps us source all of these solutions from one common and like-minded organization.

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