Everything Starts With A Spark

Psst……Have You Heard About Distilled Concepts?

These guys are marketing geniuses – well done website effectively sends the message that health plans can be made better……………..It starts with a Spark………..

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Employers deserve a better partner when it comes to everything from engaging Employees, to managing their health plan expenses, and aligning the benefits you provide your Employees to the corporate mission and values. That’s where we come into play – keep your broker and add us to your team – the independent voice of reason and accountability partner you have been waiting for.

Everything starts with a spark.

In this program, we bring a 4-hour deep dive to you and your team.

We review your greatest concerns and outline potential opportunities or solutions toward solving them. This includes the solutions and strategies most brokers cannot afford to tell their clients.

We commit time prior to the session to ensure that the time we spend together is centered on delivering information and having a real conversation on solving your challenges.

These sessions are a good fit for many businesses, but especially if you:

– are considering an RFP for Broker/Consulting support
– are looking to maximize the ROI you receive from your benefits program
– are not willing or desiring to change Brokers/Consultants
– are looking to minimize your benefits OpEx

Clients are permitted to retain all intellectual property shared during the session. If clients are not fully satisfied following the 4-hour session and feel that the information provided was of value, a full refund will be issued.
Due to the value of our intellectual property, as well as to bring you a fair, unbiased, and honest assessment, the cost for this session is $2,000.

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