Employer Sponsored Clinics (ESC-s) Will See Explosive Growth

Employer sponsored clinics will be a new growth industry spurred by the advent of Health Care Reform. As the onerous requirements of Obama Care kick in over the next three years, physician shortages will bring longer waits for appointments for primary care and even longer waits for specialty care. Seeking medical care will be like going to the post office to mail a letter – fifteen counter windows but only two open manned by disinterested and slow moving primary care post office employees.

Employers wont put up with this. They want their employees to be productive and active, not unproductive and spending an inordinate amount of time seeking needed medical attention.

Thus will be the boom in Employer Sponsored Clinics. Medical cost will not be the motivating factor in setting one up, although savings achieved will become apparent. ESC’s will include a designated referral system to partner specialists for fast access to health care for employees. PPO networks will become obsolete quickly.