Employee Benefit Meetings Are A Waste of Time

Smart Employees Are The Best Employees

We’ve been doing employee benefit meetings for a long time and conclude they are a waste of time and counter productive. Yet employers continue the practice. Why?

Hermann Ebbinghaus did a memory curve study in the 1800’s that is still the standard today. He concluded that within 24 hours we forget 75% of what we learned the day before and in 30 days we forget 90%. Worse still, of the 10% we remember, half is wrong.

So how can we expect any different from employee benefit meetings?

We have found 90% of meeting attendees don’t want to be in the room. They are there because they were told to be there. The other 10% are there because they’ve used their health insurance and they have questions based on personal experience.

People remember best what they have personally experienced. In this instance those who have used their insurance know exactly what is not covered whereas before they may have believed it was because they were “covered.” Those who’ve experienced nothing don’t know and don’t care.

I have insurance on my home. I’ve never had a loss so I can’t tell you exactly what my coverage doesn’t cover. In fact, its been so long since I purchased my home owners insurance policy I don’t remember what my coverage covers. All I know is “I’m covered.”

Next time you’re hell bent on scheduling employee benefit meetings, make them pithy so they forget less. Or better yet, have no employee benefit meetings so they forget nothing, which as logic would have it, will make them smarter than dumber.