El Paso ISD Health Insurance Update

The El Paso Independent School District was the second public school district to challenge TRS ActiveCare in 2019 by offering employees a commercial health plan option in direct violation of TRS ActiveCare mandate prohibiting Texas school districts from doing so. So how has the commercial plan option fared financially so far?


☐ On April 20, 2020, prior to receiving information regarding TRS-AC’s update for the 2020/2021 Plan Year, presentations were made to the Board regarding funding recommendations for EPISD’s self-funded health plan administered by CIGNA.

☐ Based on claims and trends evaluated, the initial recommendation was to increase the Self-Funded Health Plan from $435 pepm to $493 pepm.

☐ Given the update from TRS-AC, Administration is recommending that the current district contribution towards employee health coverage remain the same at a maximum of $435 per employee per month for both the CIGNA Self-funded plan and TRS-AC plans.

☐ Accumulating a fund balance is an important prudent strategy for the health plan, just like it is for the District to have a contingency reserve established for future needs.

☐ With the objective to make sure that the health plan revenues will cover increased medical expenses due to inflationary trends and accomplish growth in reserve funding, HUB International recommends that the Health Care Fund be supported with a maintenance of fund allocation in the amount of $4,200,000.


Health Care & TRS Active Care Update