Edinburg ISD Ranks Ten Insurance Consultants

If you are a political subdivision and need the expertise of a qualified insurance consultant but you just don’t have the time or patience to seek a  competitive RFQ, then Edinburg Independent School District may well have done the work for you.

The Edinburg Independent School District is currently in the process of selecting an insurance consultant to assist the district in their insurance needs. Ten (10) insurance consulting firms are competing for the business.

The vetting process appears to be over and the district has now ranked the contenders as follows: https://v3.boardbook.org/Public/PublicItemDownload.aspx?ik=32420281

The Brownsville Independent School District is also considering hiring an insurance consultant ( http://blog.riskmanagers.us/?p=7913 ) will the same consultants vie for the business? If so, will they be ranked the same?

Since the services of an insurance consultant are professional services exempt from state bidding requirements, some consultants do not participate in public bids as a matter of design. Submissions become part of the public record and can provide usefull data to competitors. And, if your ranked poorly you forever bear a Scarlet Letter.

Editor’s Note: Many of these contenders compete for business against each other throughout Texas. While one school district may rank a contender #1, another district will rank the same contender #2, or 3, or 4, etc. Does this prove that consultants are ever changing from good to bad, from bad to good, or good to better depending on the position of the Sun, Moon and stars?