Why Can’t Group Health Insurance Be This Easy?

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Why can’t group health insurance be this easy? No medical underwriting……no claim history needed……..guarantee issue – no one is declined coverage…….pre-existing conditions covered immediately……..lower age brackets mean lower rates while higher age bracket rates are mathematically capped by statute………guarantee renewable on the same terms and conditions – no lasers to contend with…………and best of all (drum roll please) most Americans, legal or not, get government welfare payments (aka SUBSIDIES) to offset health insurance cost leaving many with a low $10 per month premium payment for the Silver Plan.

It is hard to understand why more employers are not implementing ICHRA’s. An ICHRA is by definition a group plan offered by employers. It’s a defined contribution plan wherein the employer provides each employee a set dollar amount towards the purchase of an individual health insurance policy of the employee’s choosing. This takes the employer out of the health insurance business and away from punishing government mandates associated with status quo health plans.