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By Josh Butler – Butler Benefits

The average PPO discount for inpatient hospital procedures is 63.2%
The average PPO discount for outpatient hospital procedures is 58.7%

Employers and their employees (the true payers of healthcare) have no say over these figures. They do not occupy a seat at the negotiation table between the providers and the carriers. Very few know whether or not these discounts are “valuable”, or if the charges are “reasonable”. How valuable IS a 63.2% network discount?

That depends on the charged amount!!!

Employers: Since “what you pay” relies on a “discount” you don’t get to negotiate, wouldn’t it be prudent to start asking if what you are being charged is even reasonable? Wouldn’t it be prudent to start looking for alternatives? We think so……

Is a 63% discount on a cell phone “valuable” if I’m charging you $10,000 for the phone from the beginning? Would you blindly agree to purchase cell phones this way with no ability to negotiate the price? Of course you wouldn’t.

Stop thinking there is not a solution to this…..because there is. It just requires different thinking, and then different actions.

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