Doctor-Patient Relationship Compromised by Facebook?

I posted this on my Facebook today. Now I’m going to go play pool.

I invite questions about dentistry

An article titled “Doctor-patient relationship compromised by Facebook,” written by Kate Taylor for was posted recently.

“Doctors on Facebook risk compromising the doctor-patient relationship because many don’t use tight enough privacy settings. Researchers surveyed the Facebook activities of 405 postgraduate trainee doctors at Rouen University Hospital in France and found that almost three out of four had a Facebook profile. One in four logged on to the site several times a day, and half logged on several times a week.

Almost half believed that the doctor-patient relationship would be changed if patients discovered their doctor held a Facebook account, but three out of four said this would only happen if the patient was able to access their profile.”

For those with questions they are afraid to ask, I want to make this clear to my friends: That is so not me.

Recently, a few of my Facebook friends have privately asked me dental questions, and seemed to almost apologize for “bothering me.” It pleases me greatly to be able to help anyone. I’m from West Texas, not France .

 Darrell K. Pruitt DDS