Do Personal Injury Attorneys Drive Up Health Care Costs?

Below is a redacted email we received yesterday from a company president that owns a string of MRI clinics. His published rate for an MRI is $295:

I am sure you are already aware but I wanted to pass along some interesting facts.  I recently met with several personal injury attorneys and guess what?  They are not at all interested in working with my company for the following reason:

Our services are not expensive enough.  They told me that they would use me only if I inflated my MRI bill towards $2500.00 like several providers in XXXXXXX  do.  Why?  So those attorneys can commit insurance fraud and when the case is settled, by providing a larger MRI bill (I am sure they have this arrangement with ALL providers), more money is paid to their client.  That means a happy client and a happy attorney as their percentage is larger.

To say the least, wow wee.  There is a company here in XXXXXXXX that caters to this attorneys that company is XXXXX XXXXXX, one of the shadiest providers in the region.  I thought you might find that side of healthcare interesting.