David Contorno

Attention all TPA’s and PBM’s that may want to work with me and my clients……you will give me any and all data I ask for, in an expeditious and COMPLETE manner, without talk of extra costs or complexity. Your entire purpose is to analyze data and make decisions on that data, on behalf of our clients, with their money.

I am not asking for something you don’t have. Resistance to this leads me to believe you are hiding something. I know our system and most brokers have not operated in such an openly transparent manner, but I demand it. This system will change, even if I have to do it one employer at a time

Editor’s Note: The games played by brokers, carriers, TPA’s and others to retain business by holding plan sponsors hostage with their own proprietary data is historical. A plan sponsor must retain total control of their plan and not gift unbridled power to outside third party intermediaries. As demonstrated by David’s angst, plan sponsors need a David Contorno to be their insurance warrior advocate. If I were a carrier, competing broker, TPA I would learn to regret the day I tried to cross him.