CPO’s Beat PPO’s Everytime

Several of our clients have established cash pay centric health plans with good success. Plan savings are similar if not better that what one can expect from a RBP plan and it is certainly much better than a PPO plan.

We call this type of plan a CPO (Cash Pay Option).

We receive daily funding requests for cash pay claims like the one below. Payments have ranged from 50% MC to 140% MC. Mean average payment <120% MC. (100-110% MC).

Never any balance billing. Patient pays nothing. Providers paid in full at the time of service (and they don’t even have to file a claim). Everybody is happy.


Below is the shared savings calculation for an upcoming procedure for a (Name of Plan) member. The dates of service are 6/21/21 and 07/06/21. The price for the procedure comes out to 109% of Medicare for Chemotherapy.

May we have your approval and send a request for funds of $16,196.76? This will cover the associated medical spend and case fee.

A breakdown of price is listed below. Please let us know if you have any questions.


NOTE: A typical PPO would allow double the amount or more and would require a certain amount of patient financial responsibility (deductible, co-insurance, balance bill, etc). Provider would typically receive insurance payment a month or two later all the while chasing patient’s financial responsibility.


How A Cash Pay Centric Plan Is Structured: 


Moving from a PPO plan to a Cash Provider Plan (CPO) will cut the cost of healthcare by 40-50%.

Why not try it. You can’t lose.



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