County Program Saves Big On Prescription Costs — With Help From Canada

It’s Time To Escape From Inside The Box (or are you a scaredy cat?)

Schenectady County is saving millions per year on their group prescription drug program……

“Schenectady County was the first county in the state to buy prescription drugs from Canada, The county has been buying employees’ prescription medications through a mail-order plan with Canadian pharmacies since 2004.”

“Schenectady County has cut its prescription drug costs by more than $2 million per year over the past six years, in large part by buying employees’ medications from Canada, county officials said.”

Wouldn’t it be cool for self-funded plans to adopt this strategy, especially for the benefit of public sector plan sponsors, facilitated through a group purchasing cooperative such as the RiskManagers Interloal Purchasing Cooperative?

A search on blog this morning brought up several articles on Canadian Drug (the legal kind) importation as a cost savings strategy for self-funded health plans.

County Continues To See Drug Savings Through Canadian Rx Mail Order

The county described in the article is (or has been) using CANARX as their Canadian Rx provider:

“Founded in 2002, Canada-based CANARX was the first international prescription service provider (IPSP) to introduce and supply a public sector program in America. Since then, we’ve worked with numerous states to introduce these programs that save government entities and end-users thousands each year in safe, effective ways.”

You will find their link here –

It’s about thinking outside the box…………..

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