County Demonstrates Political Courage To Challenge Local Provider Community

bot“The leadership of Botetourt County has, like many municipalities, been searching for innovative ways to reduce their health costs without increasing deductibles and co-pays to the members….”

Botetourt County, Virginia and San Patricio County, Texas have something in common – the political will to seek innovative strategies to rein in ever increasing, tax payer supported, health care costs for their employees. Challenging the status quo within their respective local health care community takes a rare political courage to prevail – Bill Rusteberg

New World Medical Network Announces Agreement to Provide Significant Medical Savings Through “One Price Healthcare” Platform to Municipality in Botetourt County, Virginia

MyHealthGuide Source: PRWeb, 4/19/2016

NEW YORK, NY — New World Medical Network™ (New World) announces an agreement to provide its services to Botetourt County, Virginia with the roll-out of the all-inclusive One Price Healthcare® quality domestic medical tourism platform that will not only provide their employees significant savings on select procedures but also the assurance that the same transparent, reliable price for every procedure will be delivered.

“The leadership of Botetourt County has, like many municipalities, been searching for innovative ways to reduce their health costs without increasing deductibles and co-pays to the members. A strategy that includes transparent bundled pricing for elective medical services at prices less than the regional average can help save the County money and provide quality healthcare services to the members. When these savings are shared with employees, a major family budgeting need is also addressed; out-of-pocket costs. These savings are available for both employer and employee by using New World’s network of quality services from providers located in Oklahoma, Georgia and New York. This new transparent, bundled price model for members who elect to travel for treatment marks a pivotal shift in the way healthcare is delivered in the United States. We are optimistic that our agreement will result in a win-win for both employer and employee,” shared New World’s COO, Terry Johnson.

“As administrative executives in today’s governmental world, we have seen many of our costs rise, particularly as relates to health costs. Many factors have contributed to this issue, but we were surprised to learn of this new way to help reduce costs provided through New World Medical Network. We welcome the chance to both save money on health costs and to share these savings with our employees.” said David Moorman, Deputy County Administrator.

About Botetourt County

On the edge of a modern metropolitan area, Botetourt is a dynamic and vibrant county of rich and unique carefully protected and preserved historical and natural resources. Visitors from around the world are drawn to its mountains, waterways, scenic highways, historic and cultural attractions, and award-winning sports competition and entertainment venues. Businesses from across the nation and around the globe have located to Botetourt and enjoy advantages of reliable and responsive governmental and community partners, an ample and skilled workforce, low costs, superior access, and an enviable quality of life. Call 540-928-2006 and visit

About New World

New World Medical Tourism LLC (New World), is run by experienced healthcare and insurance professionals and caters to the self-insured marketplace – TPAs, companies, municipalities, and unions – with its one-cost, all-inclusive approach to non-emergent medical procedures and surgeries called “One Price Healthcare®.” The New World Network consists of quality, accredited medical facilities within the United States as well as Costa Rica, often saving organizations roughly 30-50% off U.S. costs for select procedures. The platform attaches to an existing health plan, achieved with a simple amendment to the plan document; there is no need for Open Enrollment and the program can be implemented at any time. Contact Cathy Nenninger at, 800-475-PATIENT (7284) and visit NewPatient.Net.

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