Converting Your Group Plans To Individual Plans


From Group to Individual

The third of four trainings in our “Road to Group Insurance Success: Understanding the Employer-Sponsored Group Market” series, From Group to Individual, will discuss how to effectively convert group plans to individual plans using the powerful tools available to GoHealth VMO agents.

Editor’s Note: With PPACA, we are witnessing a new paradigm: individual health insurance is better than group health insurance. Individual health insurance is guarantee issue (no one is turned down or singled out for lasers), is portable (not tied to employment) with many plan options to choose from. Group medical insurance is not guarantee issue for groups of 50 or more, and plan participants can be singled out due to their health conditions and placed with lasers. Now we are beginning to see a movement from group health plans to individual plans through private heath insurance exchanges which are cropping up all over the country. 

Employers are beginning to think that paying a $166 monthly tax on each of their employees in 2015  is much better than insuring them for $350 or more  each month.  Just think, no more dealing with pesky insurance brokers and consultants, no more spending months finalizing renewals, and no more nightmares about greedy health insurance companies eroding your ever decreasing profit margins. If the employer mandate is eliminated altogether (which is the talk among pundits in Washington these days), group health plans will go away quickly. 

Space is filling up quickly, so reserve your spot today to be entered in a drawing for $150 in Lead Credits! PLUS agents who attend all 4 trainings in the series will be eligible for a $1,000 drawing! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Date: Tuesday, May 20th, 2014
Time: 10:00am CST
(11:00am EST 9:00am MST 8:00am PST)

Presented by:
Ben Jackson
Manager, Sales and Training

Jerry Van Ness