Consumer Driven Healthcare In Action

Patient refuses to pay $75 for a two minute doctor visit. If more patients questioned what things cost before receiving services there would be no such thing as a balance bill. And it would be a good first step towards solving the high cost of health care in this country.

The No Surprises Act passed by Congress was passed on the premise Americans are too dumb to ask what things cost in advance of receiving goods and services and too timid to question prices once charged to pay them. Omaha Beach would have never happened in a past generation.

Unfortunately subsequent generations of mothers and fathers have failed in their parental duties. Living Americans seeking health care services should have been raised to ask what things cost before services are rendered or face the consequences (balance bills). It’s called individual responsibility. It’s called good parenting.

The problem is we always rely on someone else to pay for our care. So we don’t care about the cost of care yet we do care about the cost of insurance. Few have the mental capacity to correlate the two.

“Do you mean our insurance cost is directly related to what others have agreed to pay for our care? Why are we letting them do that to us? That’s beyond dumb!” – Don Pedro