Consulting Firm Proves Medical Providers Will Compete For Your Business

While health care costs are literally burning up dollars, many employers see only two answers: reduce benefits or increase premiums. The professionals at GM&A offer a real alternative. By creating a custom network for you, we will substantially reduce employer and employee’s medical costs and not change benefits!

GM&A is a team of genuine medical insiders. We have over a century of combined experience in the areas of hospital administration, medicine, nursing and medical insurance.

We’ve been helping employers and their employees for ten years. We put our expertise to work for you. We can develop custom networks that are uniquely suited to any geographical region and/or employee needs, as well as offer consulting service, auditing, or fully insured products. Through a combination of substantive negotiations with providers and vigilant plan monitoring, we are able to produce immediate and long-term reductions in you medical costs. Again, this is without changing current employee benefits.

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