Connecting Dots (Again)

Source: Insureblog

So there’s this (from FoIB Holly R):”The uninsured rate for U.S. adults appears to be leveling off … The uninsured rate so far in the second quarter of 2014 is 13.4%“Which is pretty much what it was beforethe ObamaTax and all its broken promises. Great. But it gets better (for a certain value of “better”):

Almost none of the uninsured will end up paying the ObamaCare mandate penalty, according to an updated analysis by the Congressional Budget Office, which found that 87% will be able to claim an exemption.”

So, after 4 years, billions of dollars and a failed website and enrollment system, we’ve made barely a dent in the number of those going without health insurance, nor incentivized them to remedy that situation.

Surely, though, the new regime has met the president’s goal of significantly cutting the deficit, right?

Not so much:

The CBO has consistently projected that President Obama’s overhaul will reduce the deficit … the agency quietly signaled that it can no longer make that projection; that the law had been changed and delayed so much that there is no longer a credible way to estimate the long-term effects on the deficit.”

That’s what happens when one uniltaerally decides which parts of the law will be enforced, and against whom.

Quelle surprise.