City Escapes PPO Cult – Abetted By Renegade Hospital

City terminates UHC and enters into direct contract with local hospital system for significant savings…..

“Basically, what they’re offering is primary care services at 150% of Medicare rates and all other services at 200% of Medicare rates,” he said. “To give you context around that, PPO (preferred provider organization) negotiated discounts are usually in the range of 350% to 400% of Medicare. Primary care is usually a little bit lower, but for all other services, we’re talking about 350 to 400% of Medicare.”

SOURCE: Posted by Doug Aldeen on Linkedin



Very timely….this is a game changer in Missouri……I have a meeting next week with a hospital board in  Missouri…..working to get them to accept an RBP arrangement…..St Francis Hospital has been a thorn in in the side of RBP forever…..this is a BIG message