Chinese Flu Creates Opportunities for TeleMedicine

Telemedicine utilization will explode due to current state of affairs. I believe as consumers begin to get used to telemedicine they will like the convenience and continue to use it after this crisis is resolved. Smart brokers are seizing this new sales opportunity. How are they selling it? By telephone of course.

Healthcare Special Report:

Will COVID-19 Be the Moment of Truth for Telemedicine?
The outbreak of COVID-19 could very well change the growth trajectory of telemedicine as a safe, effective solution for containing the spread of disease in a crisis situation.
For brokers serving the healthcare industry, it’s important for your clients to understand the rules, consider the laws and stay informed when it comes to telemedicine compliance. In this special report, we look at the basics of telemedicine, its growing expansion during the COVID-19 crisis, and compliance / security issues your clients need to be aware of.
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You are exactly right. Innovations in healthcare follow a predictable pattern….just like any other innovation….there are the early adopters who can’t wait to try it……almost everyone else thinks about it, weighs the pros and cons, plans to try it…..but – in the moment – usually ends up choosing to do what is familiar because it is easier and, well, it’s familiar!

Then comes the moment when what is normally familiar isn’t so convenient….and the person who has been thinking about trying something new decides this is the moment to make the leap and try it…..and if it proves to be a reasonably good experience that meets/exceeds expectations, that decision becomes a point of no return…..

It’s exactly how the concept of hospitalists initially took hold… they are the norm and it’s pretty hard to find a hospital that doesn’t use them or an outpatient physician who is not glad they are there….


Hey Bill, I hope that you’re surviving in the midst of this mayhem. I thought this article was helpful in understanding how to refer to this current outbreak and why it’s important that we’re all consistent in our disease naming conventions. Best,