Chase Announces Third and Latest Book Release

I wrote this book to empower every individual — and to help everyone recognize that despite yet another season of campaign promises, we do not need to wait on our legislators in Washington D.C. to change health care……………………

As the leaves start to turn and the weather gets colder, I hope everyone is enjoying the month of October, which is beautiful right now from where I sit in the Pacific Northwest.

My third and latest book, Relocalizing Health: The Future is Local, Open and Independent, came out this month. While many picked up new hobbies during the quarantine, writing this book was mine. In it, readers will learn the perverse incentives behind the pitfalls of our broken healthcare system, examine the wasted health care spending that drives up costs for families and makes us sicker. Most importantly, you will learn about the solutions that employers and local leaders can use to dramatically improve healthcare for their communities and workforces.

I wrote this book to empower every individual — and to help everyone recognize that despite yet another season of campaign promises, we do not need to wait on our legislators in Washington D.C. to change health care. Health Rosetta is a grassroots, post-partisan movement, and the catalysts of change are everyday people — business owners, parents, city leaders, patients — who are fed up and believe that there has to be a better way.

To help spread this important message, I will be giving away free Kindle copies next Friday, October 23rd. I would be grateful if you would join me in sharing this special launch with colleagues and friends. I care far more about getting the word out than a few lost book sales.

  • Free Kindle version of Relocalizing Health available Oct 23rd only (midnight to midnight Pacific) — please feel free to share widely, here is my LinkedIn post and Twitter post to make it easy. A reminder email will go out to everyone signed up for our lists the night before.

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Keystone Technologies Case Study — How to save $2,000 per year per employee

Keystone Technologies, is a small but quickly growing company from Eureka, Missouri, but its health care costs continued to grow with every new employee they hired. The irony is that Keystone is a healthcare IT firm that provides cyber and computing solutions to hospitals, health systems, and senior living communities. And even though they specialize in IT services that increase the efficiency and security of health care companies, they were struggling with how to properly manage their own benefits. Its incumbent plan lacked transparency, and left Keystone facing a 55% cost increase from its insurance provider.

The company’s determination to support its employees led it to Health Rosetta Accredited Advisor Adam Berkowitz, the founder and president of St. Louis, Missouri-based Simpara Benefits, who was a 2020 BenefitsPro Broker of the Year finalist.

Adam helped Keystone manage costs by switching it to a self-funded plan that incorporated a budget-friendly, maximum-funded plan, where Keystone pays for its maximum liability of claims costs on a monthly basis. Under this new plan, if covered claims are less than what the employer paid for, then the employer receives a refund for unused claim liability at the end of every year. And since changing plans, Keystone has a return worth $60,000, an average of $2,000 per employee per year.

Keystone is part of the growing number of employers who put their foot down and rejected the status quo of low-quality, high-cost health benefits. Adam’s work with Keystone is an example of an advisor who went above and beyond, by empowering employers and employees to realize that they have control over their healthcare plan. Watch the Keystone webinar and view case study (PDF, pg 267).

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Join us on Friday, October 30th for our Employer-led webinar with Aaron Feinberg, President of Textum, and Benefits Advisor, David Contorno, Founder of E Powered Benefits. David helped Textum decrease spending by 32%, saving $75,000 and reducing per employee per month cost by $203.66 within the first year of the new plan.

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Health Rosetta Employer Program

Following years of working with advisors and their clients, we recognized that there is a deeper need among both curious and committed employers to have access to a comprehensive, independent set of content and resources that support their journey towards building better health plans.The goal of our Employer Program is to inform and inspire employers — first, that higher performance health benefits plans are within reach, and second, that there are resources to support them every step of the way. If you are an employer and would like to learn more, click here to schedule a conversation or review this overview (PDF) first.

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