Chargemaster Maintenance Ensures Financial Viability for Hospitals

Hospitals are becoming increasingly proactive in updating their Charge Master’s and doing so on more than a quarterly or annual basis yet Hospitals Dismiss Significance Of Chargemaster Prices?

This doesn’t make sense. If most never pay full billed rates, then why have them? Maybe because Charge Master Rates & Magical Discounts give consumers the illusion they are getting a really good deal from their insurance company?

“Look Mildred, Blue Cross saved us $112,000 on our hospital bill!. Thank God we have Blue Cross!” Never mind that the allowed charges are two, three or four times more than what Grandma’s government plan pays.

Grandma’s health plan must be good since the waiting period was 47 years with “premiums” payroll deducted during the entire 47 year waiting period. It’s so good that many are now demanding Medicare For All with no waiting period whatsoever. That’s when hospitals will certainly have to dismiss the importance of chargemaster prices.

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Chargemaster Maintenance Ensures Financial Viability of Hospitals