Central Texas On Fire – Obama Farm & Ranch Insurance Next?

Central Texas is on fire, literally. Suffering one of the worse drought in years, dry grasslands provide fuel for fires spurred by high winds this weekend. The Bastrop area is especially hard hit. On Highway 21, the Lost Pines section is gone. The Valero store  “exploded” and is no longer there.

But, not to  worry. Since the Democats in Congress pushed through a health care bill last year that covers pre-existing conditions, it is only a matter of time before they do the same for homeowners insurance.

Just think, no more nasty insurance premiums to contend with, until the need arises. When fire threatens one’s ranch, livestock and homestead, all one would have to do is head straight down to the local Texas Farm Bureau office and apply for instant coverage, just like applying for health insurance for that heart transplant you just learned you need.

ObamaCare for ranchers! A novel idea whose time has come. Vote Democrat for the “Free Stuff”.

Editor’s Note:  Health care financing is no more of a right than any other financial loss one suffers. It is all about personal responsibility.