Capitol Administrators Announces Launch of MedNet


Capitol Administrators Announces Launch of MedNet, A Hybrid Reference-Based Pricing (RBP) Health Plan

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Capitol Administrators, Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of MedNet, its hybrid reference-based pricing (RBP) Health Plan. MedNet’s focus is to bend the cost curve downward by giving plan sponsors and consumers the ability to understand the true price and cost of health care services. 

Launching MedNet for commercial plan sponsors was a natural extension of our Medicare pricing programs for Native American clients and government entities, according to Dave Reynolds, Capitol’s CEO. “Using industry recognized price and cost benchmarks to establish provider reimbursements is a game changer and a key step in moving to accountable care.”

Capitol has partnered with HST Inc., for its pricing technologies and turnkey reference pricing solutions. 

MedNet is an innovative cost management solution generating significant claims savings and competitive stop loss premiums. MedNet’s member engagement initiatives are designed to empower consumers with medical price and cost data to make informed decisions about their healthcare services similar to shopping for a mortgage or buying a car.

About Capitol Administrators

Capitol Administrators, Inc., is a mid-sized Third Party Administrator, founded in 1999 by CEO Dave Reynolds, and is a premier health benefit third party administrator and risk management organization. Capitol is well known for innovation, reliability, flexibility, and unparalleled service and is currently providing benefit administration for over 200,000 members. Contact Laura Newman, LNewman@CAPITOLADM.COM, 916.669.2505 and visit .

About HST

HST has been providing RBP technologies since it was founded in 2009 by CEO Edward Day, and provides transparency to payers by introducing on-demand pricing and cost data to validate the value for medical services. .