Canoes, Skiffs, Submarines, Battleships and Chinese Junks

mulebriarBy Molly Mulebriar

Our staff is reviewing an active RFP for a self-funded employee health and welfare plan. A brief review unleashes wonderment.

It’s obvious the recently fired captain was not on the bridge guiding the ship through troubled waters. Instead he must have been in the engine room having umbrella drinks with the crew.

Our crack investigative team is not too sure if the current captain is not related to the previous one. However, a strong clue connecting the two is evident. His instruction manual and ship specifications is obviously a ragtag collection of cut & paste bits and pieces of various works of others that include an apparent random parcel of partial specifications for canoes, skiffs, submarines, battleships and Chinese Junks.

Inline image

Imagine putting out into the public domain a RFP for group medical insurance by cutting and pasting various parts of multiple foreign RFP’s and not proofing the final version?

Digesting a montage of superimposed components in an unproofed RFP leads one to wonder Who’s on First, What’s on Second, and I Don’t Know on Third – .

One might find the specifications asking for a 2 horsepower outboard engine to drive a battleship designed to operate under water.

In this instance, that may be an improvement.