Surgeons Take Inventory – Auctioneer Paces Patiently Before Festive Audience As Hopeful Family Members Look On In Silent Anticipation. Will Little Johnny Finally Get His Bass Boat?

It’s silly to pay for life insurance these days. There’s a better, more cost effective way to gift loved ones financial independence upon your passing. Amend your Will NOW with a CADAVERIC DONOR TRANSPLANT AGREEMENT:

I hereby offer my kidneys to the highest bidder with proceeds going to my estate. Bidding starts at $50,000 per kidney, left one slightly damaged, $250,000 for heart with all remaining harvestable organs at a 50% discount off double the price. No Reserve. Special discount for Texans. Double digit surcharge for career politicians. Estate reserves the right to refuse life saving organs to anyone, anything or anybody. Cash only. All sales final.”

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Why can’t we sell our own organs?

“Transplant surgeons make money. Transplant physicians make money. Hospitals, drug companies make money,” he points out. “Everybody can get paid except the person delivering the irreplaceable part!”

He’s right, of course, except that today some donors do get paid. Whenever foolish governments ban things that many people want, black markets appear.

‘Kidney for sale’: Iran has a legal market for the organs……

Iran offers people a legal way to sell their kidneys — and is the only country in the world to do so. A government foundation registers buyers and sellers, matches them up and sets a fixed price of $4,600 per organ. Since 1993, doctors in Iran have performed more than 30,000 kidney transplants this way.