Brownsville ISD To Select Risk Manager – A Molly Mulebriar Report

Molly Mulebriar, frequent contributor to this blog, and her God Father,  Don Pedro,  reports that the Brownsville Independent School District may be on the verge of hiring a mystery applicant for the new risk manager position recently approved by the Board of Trustees.

The position of risk manager entails overseeing a major budget item.

Mulebriar reports “Several of my sources are concerned that a poor, unqualified and inexperienced risk manager can do more harm than good, potentially subjecting  the district to unnessary liabilities. ”

Qualifications outlined in the BISD Risk Manager criteria include at least 10 years of risk management and/or insurance experience. It appears that in lieu of risk management experience, applicants with ten years or more of experience in the insurance industry may qualify for the BISD risk manager position.

Mulebriar reports that in Texas, to engage in the business of insurance an individual must be appropriately licensed. “In this case, it would appear the district will require the successful applicant to provide proof of proper licensiing. for a continuous ten year period.” 

Don Pedro cautions that a careful background check on potential applicants should be a part of the selection process. Potential conflicts of interest need to be considered, as well as past employment history and potential prior vendor relationships with the district.  Don Pedro cautions that failure to do so may result in embarrasment to the Board of Trustees and their supporters.

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