Brownsville Independent School District VS HealthSmart

BISD considers change in representation – 

Editor’s Note: On one hand, we would like to see the lawsuit move forward, all the way to a jury trial, if for no other reason than to expose the inner workings of the insurance brokerage world, and the secretive world of PPO contracts. 

However, special interests on both sides of this lawsuit cannot afford this public scrutiny and we believe will settle this case rather than give the public a once in a lifetime view of the sordid  financial business we know as our health care delivery system.

If this case moves forward and the discovery process runs it’s course before a settlement is made, Molly Mulebriar ( promises to report the highlights of facts recorded during the process. To date, a recent trip to the Cameron County Courthouse shows little activity in that regard.

On the other hand, we believe this lawsuit is politically motivated and a waste of taxpayer money. In reading he pleadings, we find errors of facts as we know them, easily addressed by defense attorneys. We are confident a jury will reach the right judgement/s if this case goes that far. But, as appears to be  the norm in our legal system, sometimes it is less expensive to settle a case than to pay lawyers over a protracted period of time. In our litigious society, you can sue a Ham Sandwich and win (settle) every time.