Brownsville Independent School District Seeks Insurance Consultant

The Brownsville Independent School District is seeking a qualified insurance consultant to assist the district in their $50 million self-funded health care plan.  Deadline for RFQ response is January 28.

To review the RFQ you may go to the Brownsville Independent School District website for a copy of the specifications (under purchasing department).

It will be interesting to see which insurance consulting firms respond. Cameron County and PUB both employ the same consultant from Dallas – he has the track record, experience, and credentials most consultants would envy. A McAllen consulting firm, with several local school districts as clients, may apply – this firm specializes in assisting Texas political subdivisions. Several other reputable consulting firms in San Antonio may apply as well, having experienced work in the Valley in the past, dealing with upper Valley school districts including Mission and Edinburg ISD. Then there are the large brokerage firms in Houston and Dallas – will they throw their hat in the ring?