Is Brownsville Independent School District Practicing Obscurantism ?


Is the BISD paying more than they should for admnistration of their self-funded health insurance program? Did the Board of Trustees award the contract upon the advice of their insurance consultant, and if so, did the consultant’s representation of costs mirror the Administration Contract presented and approved by the BISD after the award of the contract? Did anyone check to compare the contract to be approved against the contract that was awarded? Information we obtained under the Open Records Act suggests otherwise.

Information at hand shows that the BISD may be paying +$370,000 more than they bargained for. We asked the BISD to investigate, to determine if indeed our findings are accurate. Their response was abstruse and at odds with our inquiry.

The BISD response, in our opinion, offers the general public both the frisson of uncertainty and the challenge of speculating. However well intended, speculating in an informed manner, as to the truth surrounding the recent Request for Proposal process of the BISD $38 million group health insurance plan, can be illusory and dangerous. Preference should be given to exploring the facts. We hope that the BISD will stop stonewalling the public and comply with public record requests honestly and expeditiously.

We have sent a second request to the BISD asking for clarification of the mysterious $370,000.

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