Brownsville Blog Rips Brownsville ISD


Since we’ve run this photo of BISD Superintendent Bruce Springsteen receiving a $50,000 check from Johnny “Caliche” Cavazos, we have been haunted by the image of money–allegedly for an honorable cause–exchanging hands right before our eyes. Cavazos, who received his nickname as a result of his practices as a low-life Cameron County Commissioner, has been buying politicians and gouging school district employees for decades with his insurance scams. And we’re talking millions. According to rabblerouser Carlos Quintanilla of Accion America, Springsteen wouldn’t be superintendent if it weren’t for the politicians that Cavazos had lured to his lucrative cause. The beginning of the end for former Superintendent Hector “El Ganso” Gonzales began when he refused to slip Cavazos the $38 million healthy insurance contract last year. Trustees “Slick” Rick Zayas and Ruben “El Caveman” Cortez were part of an alliance to force Gonzales’ hand. The BISD paid an “independent” expert, a longtime crony of Cavazos, to evaluate the applicants and make a recommendation. To the surprise of no one, he endorsed Cavazos’ plan. Gonzales dug in his heels and Zayas and Cortez cut him at the knees. They fired Gonzales and rigged the hiring process to assure Springsteen’s elevation. He was the only candidate for a position that pays more than $200,000 annually. And Cavazos, triumphant again, walked away millions richer. With a board and an administration committed to the special interests getting theirs and indifferent to the needs of its own employees, we would suggest that Springsteen avoid photographs accepting thousands from the conniving Cavazos. Whenever we have an upset stomach and Pepto-Bismol isn’t working its magic, we look at this picture and immediately vomit!
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