Blue Cross To Punish Republicans

Politicians Chase Dollars To Remain In Power

Blue Cross, punching down, has announced they will no longer share member’s premium dollars with lawmakers except for those who pledged allegiance to Joe Biden…………….

Blue Cross Suspends Donations to Lawmakers Who Opposed Biden Win

Jan. 10, 2021, 1:21 PM

  • BCBSA contributions made through political action committee
  • AHIP says no announcement ‘at this time’

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association said it will suspend contributions to lawmakers who voted against certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral win.

“In light of this week’s violent, shocking assault on the United States Capitol, and the votes of some members of Congress to subvert the results of November’s election by challenging Electoral College results, BCBSA will suspend contributions to those lawmakers who voted to undermine our democracy,” BCBSA CEO and President Kim Keck said in a statement issued Friday.

The decision highlights the escalating conflict between businesses and Republicans who dispute the November presidential election results. The association represents 36 Blue Cross Blue Shield plans throughout the U.S. that provide health insurance for “one in three Americans.”

The BCBSA didn’t immediately respond to a request for information on how much it contributes to the Republicans who voted against certifying the electoral results.

But the association said the contributions are made through the BCBSA political action committee, which is supported solely by employee contributions.

“While a contrast of ideas, ideological differences and partisanship are all part of our politics, weakening our political system and eroding public confidence in it must never be,” Keck said in the statement.

America’s Health Insurance Plans spokeswoman Kristine Grow said AHIP doesn’t “have an announcement at this time” as to whether it will continue making contributions to the lawmakers who voted against certifying the results.

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This, of course, is complete and utter bullshit.

The vote wasn’t anything that would “undermine our democracy” as she/he is quoted as saying (I don’t know if Kim is a him or not).  The vote was entirely within the law and has been done by democrats in the past.  You would think that the CEO of a big company like this would know the difference.  But even these high paying, lofty jobs apparently attract the politically uninformed and intellectually impaired.  They show their stupidity with statements like this.  Honestly, I wouldn’t want them spending my premium dollar on any of these idiots.  But, since they’ve decided to cut maybe ½ their donations, can we get a refund?